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Polin Antoni Kanin

"In the business for almost 25 years. Been through it all..., Its time for women to be seen."

Polina known as “P” is a powerhouse in the studio as a producer and as an artist.

She plugs directly into emotion on a different wavelength and always has her finger 

on the pulse and energy of the moment. 


We recently did basics for a new project we’re currently in producing. As fast as a jackrabbit  “P” bounces between voicing and rhythm on keyboard and guitar, injecting adrenalin into the drummers dynamics and patterns and hyping the engineer to get the sound together. 

She knows exactly what she is doing at all times and her energy knows no boundaries.


IG: @PBabyllon

Here at PowerBush we take pride in our connections. From Producers, to video and photography. We are happy to connect you, whether its under the umbrella of PowerBush Records, or a For Hire Service below.

Jeff Jones the Jedi Master

Both Artist and Sound Engineer hailing from the Catskill Mountains of New York state. Lafayette took his experience to the next level by receiving his  certification with AVID ProTools. With years of live sound engineering from shows, and at home studio recordings he flew through 4 years at SUNY Oneontas Audio Recording program.

He primarily works with rock and indie pop, with an open mind to most genres. Blending new school approaches with classic sounds. His goal is to bridge and create new directions in music today.

IG: @MagicTrashParty

Max Reinert Work

Max Reinert Work

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